Monday, August 4, 2014

I cannot believe I am really here!  In the process of deciding to open an Etsy shop, I discovered that actually starting a small business involved quite a bit more that I had thought!  Not sure where I got the idea that I should just sign up on Etsy, do some sewing and quilting and start listing things for sale (I really do know better), but that simple thought was several months ago now.  Since then, I've been working on the business/administrative issues involved, and that led me to realize I really need to come up with a logo, similar banners for my shop, my Facebook page, business cards, and of course start learning the ins and outs of blogging.  And, finally, thanks to Jana of Little Web Writing Hood, the blog is up!  I'm so excited!!  Now to finish up the business licenses, bookkeeping system, business cards - oh, and the most important part - get all of that sewing done so I can start listing items in my shop, which I hope to officially open on the first of October!

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